Here is my text to Columba (Dove) recorded by Christine Guldbrandsen to music of Atle Halstensen on her CD "Christine" (2007)

Columba               Dove

Quis dabit mihi                                      [If I had

pinnas columbae                                    the wings of a dove

ut requiescam                                         I would be at peace

ut procul abeam                                     and always stay

et commorer                                          far away

in deserto semper                                   in the wilderness]

You saw how I closed my eyes to tears

and closed my heart to love;

you opened wide my prison

and released me.

You are the gentle air that holds me up,

a dove set free, I play in your love.

You are the wind that blows me free of care,

a dove set free I play in your love.