Song in Time of Need

It's gathered some dust on my CD shelf

the music with the secret key,

the song that opens hidden doors to my heart,

my song in time of need.

And when I come home from a day to forget,

holding back another wave of tears

I turn down the light and the song fills the dark,

my song in time of need.


Deep within the melody, moving slowly in a trance,

I drive the devil from my soul with my own peculiar dance.

My friends recommend a night on the town

when they find themselves in times of need.

This remedy fails to lift me up from the floor –

but music will succeed.

On a high which words alone can never quite explain

I fold away the love I lost and prepare for love again.

I learned something new in that difficult art:

How to balance happiness and pain.

While teachers and schoolbooks have come and gone,

my magic song remains.

I turn on the light, put the CD away,

have to smile a little at myself:

Its magic has worked – now I can't recall why

I took it from the shelf.